Vidmate Android App Latest Version Full Tutorial 2021

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Vidmate Android App  Latest Version Full Tutorial 2021

Vidmate is a free app that allows you to download videos, movies, music from your favorite sites such as YouTube, Instagram, etc.

It is an In-app web browser that lets you stream HD videos without any hassle. It never eats up your phone memory and data either unlike other apps that need 2GB RAM and 200+ GB storage for installation.

Vidmate works seamlessly on all the devices including low-cost ones having just 8 – 16 GB storage capacity.

The performance of this app is high class because it’s been developed by experienced programmers working in collaboration with additional external support groups throughout the world.

What could be better than watching your favorite videos without waiting for hours for buffering? Moreover, it can play 4K HD (high definition) videos without any restriction.

In Vidmate, there are no annoying ads that disturb you from watching your chosen content. What’s more? It even lets you play YouTube videos with full screen – a feature that not many apps have – making it a user-friendly app unlike the available ones in the market.

What makes people love this app is its ability to merge all of their favorite entertainment sites into one like never before. What’s more exciting about this app is that it automatically finds and suggests trending online videos based on what you search for (search suggestion).

What else could be better than seeing your desired video within milliseconds? There are millions of songs, movies, TV shows to be found in the Vidmate store.

You won’t find these genres like genres available in the iTunes store. What could be better than having all your favorite movies/TV shows/cartoons etc.? If you are thinking about what the best part of the app is, then I’d say it’s downloading any video at zero cost.

What more could you ask for? Other apps like Tubemate, Hotstar, Netflix, or Popcorn Time charge a certain amount for viewing videos but Vidmate offers this feature totally free.

No other app provides such facility that too with high definition quality so fast so you know nothing can beat Vidmate now!

What makes VidMate unique among similar applications? What makes it stand out from other apps? The answer to both these questions will be no ads and the simplicity of using the Vidmate app. What more could you ask from a free video downloader?

We all have used YouTube to stream videos but what if it stops working for you due to some reason and there is no internet connectivity available then this will be big trouble.

What can you do in such conditions? What’s best than downloading the content of your choice (YouTube) beforehand, so that whenever it won’t work, you can still watch your favorite movie or show without any hassles.

Vidmate Android App Latest Version Full Tutorial 2021Vidmate Android App Latest Version Full Tutorial 2021

It saves a lot of time instead of waiting for hours for buffering which depends on your internet speed.”

Vidmate works like charm on many latest devices even with low space (up to 8 GB) and RAM (up to 1 GB). You will never face any issue in watching HD videos in this app.

What’s more? It works even on the older android versions running from version 4 to 5,6 and 7. What could be better than having a simple user interface that is easy to understand for everyone?

The best thing about Vidmate is that it doesn’t need much internet data. Most apps require 2GB RAM and 200 GB disk space whereas Vidmate only needs less amount of free space (up to 8 GB) and RAM (up to 1 GB).

What’s special about this app is that you can blindly trust its features because it’s been downloaded more than 500 million times with an average rating of 4.8/5.

What could be better than getting all the benefits of the app without having any disadvantages? What if you need some support before using Vidmate? What can you do then?

Don’t worry, there are many websites on the internet that provide support to new users. What’s good about this app is that it doesn’t ask for any money or charges from its users who are trying to download videos for free.

It would be better if every video could be downloaded but not all videos are downloadable because owners decide whether they want their content to have a free download feature or not.

What are the unique features of VidMate that makes it different from other video downloaders?

What are the pros and cons of this app? What do you like most about VidMate? What I really love about this app is that it can be integrated into your browser which makes watching online videos very easy.

What’s good about being compatible with all browsers? It saves a lot of time by eliminating the need of closing another browser just to watch a video because if that happens then you have to open another application whereas now, you can play/stream videos right from your browser.

What could be better than having an in-built intuitive search feature that offers suggestions on what exactly can you look for? What’s best than finding your desired stuff within milliseconds?

Unique features of Vidmate:

Vidmate Android App Latest Version Full Tutorial 2021

What could be better than being able to play/stream anywhere you want? What’s cool about this feature is that it saves a lot of data so if your data limit is low, don’t worry just use this feature and save yourself from spending money.

The in-app browser provided by Vidmate works really fast even with a slow internet connection.

What should be the priority when using an app right from home screen> quick access or Internet speed?

What features should be ideal to look for when selecting a video downloader app? What’s better than having an in-built ad blocker that automatically blocks all the pop-up ads and marketing messages which wastes your time and also destroys your internet experience since it consists of malicious links.

What if you need help from other users who are already using VidMate? What can you do then? What should I do instead of complaining about the bugs or problems faced by me?

What can be better than saving a lot of time with this app? What does mean Vidmate is one of the best free streaming apps available on the Google Play store which allows users to watch online videos for free without downloading them directly to their mobile phone.

There are many websites and apps on the internet which can provide you with free videos and other streaming stuff but what makes Vidmate different from others is that it has an in-app browser feature.

What should we do if we want to watch a short video without downloading? What happens when there’s no time for watching any longer video?

  • Watch Unlimited videos for free. Download the new bollywood movie in a fast and safe way. Get access to unlimited collection of 4K HD movies and songs.
  • Top Features : Play all Videos, Download any song from any sites, Search anything right from your home screen, Share videos with friends without going anywhere else, Add videos to favourites for later viewing, Full browser inside app which has built-in anti-popup ad blocker etc.
  • Now you can save your memories on mobile phone by recording videos from the screens of games and apps.
  • Record unlimited video from your mobile phone’s screen by just one tap. Features of VidMate App: – You can take unlimited HD videos from the screen of your favourite games, apps and other stuff on your mobile phone without rooting it.
  • With a wide range of video formats you can instantly download any movie or song that you want from any website directly on to your smartphone without downloading them first into PC or laptop.
  • Share any kind of file with friends immediately through social media sites such as Facebook , Tweeter, Whatsapp etc.; without going to another site.
  • Download unlimited movies and songs for free from websites including YouTube , Facebook etc.
  • You can also save a lot more storage on your mobile by getting rid of taking a lot of pictures and videos.
  • Record unlimited videos from your smartphone’s screen easily on the go. Features : You can record unlimited HD quality videos from mobile screen without rooting it.
  • It is integrated with In-app full fledge browser that seamlessly let you browse and play 4K HD videos and movies on YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar without any restriction.
  • VidMate comes with an inbuilt anti-ad blocker so that you can watch all kind of ad free content for a long time without getting diverted to some other site due to pop up ads or links which are malicious viruses hiding behind the links and ad space.
  • The best part is that there is no need to download any video or movie as it will be played directly without any interruption.
  • You don’t have to make login every time you want to use this app as it comes with login option as well as signup option.
  • Continuous watching movies and videos becomes easy on the go because it doesn’t require high internet connection for playing stuff unlike other apps like YouTube etc.
  • Finding your favourite Bollywood songs anywhere becomes easier than ever before because it can be integrated with Google search engine including Wikipedia and IMDb.
  • This wonderful android app has a good rating of 4.5 out 5 on play store.
  • This app comes with a built-in anti ad blocker that ensures you don’t miss even a single video which is hidden behind the ads Features.
  • In case your favourite content disappeared from the home screen, you can add it back by just one tap after enabling ‘sync’ feature.
  • You get all this for free and no annoying ads to disturb your viewing experience Features: – It’s a hassle-free downloading android app because there are no popups or re-directions while searching for anything through this site.
  • Features of vidmate Video downloader : – Play HD videos at lightning fast speed without going to other sites.


If you are looking for a free app that allows you to download videos, movies, music from your favorite sites such as YouTube, Instagram, etc. Vidmate is the one-stop solution for all your needs. It has an in-app web browser that lets you stream HD video without any hassle and it never eats up memory or data either unlike other apps that need 2GB RAM and 200+ GB storage for installation. Vidmate works seamlessly on low-cost devices with just 8 – 16 GB storage capacity so there’s no reason not to try this out!


Who invented VidMate?

VidMate was created by UC Web, a subsidiary of Alibaba, a Chinese tech behemoth. Although the app is no longer available on the Google Play Store, it remains popular on other mobile app platforms.

Why download and install Vidmate?

One of the greatest methods to enjoy your favourite videos, movies, and TV shows is to download and install Vidmate. You can download and save your videos ahead of time so that you can watch them even if you don’t have access to the Internet. One of the nicest aspects is this. Another excellent feature is that it can search hundreds of video-streaming websites for the greatest videos for you. It would take hours, if not days, to perform this manually.

Can I use Vidmate to download videos on my PC or laptop?

Yes, you certainly can. Vidmate requires an Android environment to run on Windows because it is an Android app. It’s as simple as installing BlueStacks and then installing Vidmate from within BlueStacks. Then, whenever you need to use Vidmate, start BlueStacks first, and then run Vidmate from within BlueStacks like any other mobile programme. You can keep the downloaded videos wherever you wish on your computer or laptop.

Can I search for the videos that I want to download, within Vidmate?

Vidmate comes with a robust video search engine. It’s built right into the user interface. Simply type your search term into Vidmate, and it will search across hundreds of video streaming and social media websites to discover your video. The video downloading smartphone software arranges the various possibilities vertically for you after it has located all possible videos, and you can choose whatever video you wish to download.

Are there different versions of Vidmate for different versions of Android?

Yes, they do exist. We don’t want anyone to be left out because millions of people use different versions of Android all around the world. This is why we have numerous Vidmate versions running at the same time. You can try another version if the first one doesn’t work with your Android version. The following are the various Vidmate versions:


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