Undecember MOD APK 1.09.0105 (Early Access)
Undecember MOD APK 1.09.0105 (Early Access)

Undecember MOD APK 1.09.0105 (Early Access)

Drawing a line from the expected world

Android Android Role Playing
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Name Undecember
Publisher LINE Games
Genre Role Playing
Size 665.17 MB
Version 1.01.0902
Update Jun 21, 2022
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Undecember is the most famous version in the Undecember series of publisher LINE Games
Mod Version 1.01.0902
Total installs n/a

Hack-and-slash game Undecember is available for free and has in-game money. The product was developed by Needs Games and published by LINE Games.

You can play the game to recreate the fabled location from the Serpent’s story, the account of the 13th evil deity who was ultimately awoken from a protracted slumber by the ongoing inexplicable events in the area.

You will be able to better understand the plot and learn fascinating new things by doing this, and you will also be able to connect with the character’s struggles and join the other 12 gods in their fight against the evil that controls this world. The world has to be freed so that it can resume its peaceful state.


Traum, a gloomy fantasy realm created by twelve gods, is introduced to us in Undecember. The others used unique runes imbued with their power to try to vanquish the thirteenth, evil deity when he threatened his safety.

The deities decided to unite and work together to defeat their enemy after this failed attempt. They were victorious this time, but they also suffered, and their souls were consigned to endless sleep.

After many years, people started using the runes’ power once more, and ultimately, twelve were awakened.

The thirteenth deity will eventually rise again, bringing with it a wide range of evil. We play one of the so-called rune hunters in the game, whose goal it is to stop the impending mayhem.


We take an isometric view of the events in unDecember. As we advance through the game and finish various tasks, we eliminate swarms of foes. We deploy white and long-range weapons as well as a variety of battle techniques to hurl foes to the sand during the incredibly dramatic collisions.

The game doesn’t have a class structure. We have complete control over what skills a hero will possess after constructing it and choosing how to grow it (we can go with strength, cunning, or intelligence).

Therefore, nothing is stopping you from combating, for example, an armed hero brandishing a sword and using magic.

We build characters by enhancing our tools and accumulating unique runes that give us unique skills. Additionally, the runes themselves can be improved using materials looted along the journey.


Either solo play or multiplayer mode are available. Cross-platform functionality is present in the game. Here, the story mode is separated by acts, and once they are finished, we can reach the last stage, the core of which is the alleged Chaos Dungeon.

Additionally, there is a PvP mode called Crusade of Glory and a Boss Raid mode in which eight players battle game bosses. Players can also create guilds to access exclusive buffs.


Because it was developed on a concept that combines contemporary and mythology, it will certainly be perfect for individuals who are passionate about this subject.

Twelve gods who stand for kindness collaborated to build the Traum kingdom in the ancient world that the narrative is set in. The gods worked together to construct this enchanted place as well as a haven to protect the world.

However, a period of calm days came to an end when the 13th god appeared from the darkness, and everything seemed to be flipped upside down.

The other 12 gods also tried to work together as this incident had to end in order to lessen the power of this bad god. The problem didn’t end there, though; in order to defeat evil, they had to give up the world for a sleep-filled afterlife.


Once you start fighting, you won’t be able to look away from this game because to its engaging gameplay and straightforward controls.

You will have access to all the tools and equipment you need to combat in the game. The opponent must be stopped and destroyed as quickly as possible if you don’t want him to attack your territory.

You must be careful to avoid becoming perpetually passive because coming up with a strategy to cope with an opponent is not always easy.

Achieving difficult goals will always provide hurdles, so keep battling and don’t give up. Sharp 3D visuals in the game enable you to effortlessly observe what’s happening and launch strikes that terrorise the opposition while also providing gamers with a more transparent picture of the conflicts.

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