Hitman Sniper v1.7.193827 Android Game Full Tutorial

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Hitman Sniper v1.7.193827 Android Game Full Tutorial

If you love to play a sniping game especially as Agent 47 then this game is for you. Remember when certain action games had sniper missions? Imagine doing it for the duration of the game. In a nutshell, Hitman Sniper is a game about shooters.

Agent 47 is situated atop a viewpoint in the game, unleashing down fury on evil men with his high-powered sniper rifle.

What is the point of Hitman Sniper game?

Hitman Sniper v1.7.193827 Android Game Full Tutorial

Hitman Sniper, like Hitman Go before it, is built from the bottom up for the mobile platform, and it shows.

You play Agent 47, who is inspecting a villa in Montenegro in Hitman Sniper. You’re given mission instructions that include assassinating someone at the villa.

The first few missions need you to take out one or two individuals, but later missions require you to kill people in unusual methods, such as hitting them near the jacuzzi, shooting them with a burning light next to them, blowing the fuse box next to them, and so on.

You may be forced to kill many adversaries, or you may be required to achieve a specific score, which requires you to kill as many people as possible in the allotted time.

I can see why Hitman Sniper only has one level. It’s all part of one enormous, complicated scenario. You’re Agent 47, and you’re scoping out a house party as part of a mission to eliminate a specific target.

There are ten high-value targets, including guards and bystanders, and your missions usually require killing one of them as well as a secondary objective. Consider disposing of two bodies while being retrieved, as you only have 10 seconds after the main target is dead to flee.

The missions become increasingly difficult, but the game does an excellent job of teaching you how to play the game through the missions: you’ll learn how to execute a domino kill, which is worth a lot of points.

And that’s the issue about having a single large scenario: you have to memorize it. I can figure out the ins and outs, as well as which areas are best at different times.

If you wish, you can have a fast shot at the elusive Tuulia Hernandez early on. There’s a guard who can be blasted off a ledge and no one will notice.

I know when I’ll be able to get a quick double-kill. Everyone travels in predictable patterns, yet your actions have an impact on them. And as you play more, you’ll begin to understand how everything works.

And it’s an incredible sensation when you go from one shot to the next on instinct, knowing exactly what will happen.

The game’s mechanics are taught by constant repetition, and new missions challenge you to improve your skills and try new things.

Soon, a mission like obtaining a double headshot will be routine because you will know when it will occur.

Each mission has a single primary goal: to execute a high-value target. After you kill that person, a countdown of a few seconds will begin before you are extracted.

As a result, you must ensure that all of your other objectives are completed before attacking the main target, while also ensuring that the main target does not flee.

Your greatest hope for a quick, clean kill and maximum points is to hit the target right in the head. When you hit someone in the body, they usually don’t die right away.

If you miss someone, they will be notified. If you miss repeatedly or fire too aggressively, security will be alerted, and the main target will most likely run sooner.

You’re not in any danger because you’re a mile away, but it does imply the job could be over quickly if the main target manages to flee.

Scenario Of Hitman Sniper Android Game

Hitman Sniper v1.7.193827 Android Game Full Tutorial

The scenario is additionally interesting because it has a story that you are unaware of. Then there’s the couple who ends up dancing in the dark.

That’s not a euphemism; they’re actually doing it. What is the purpose of the three targets conversing with one another? Who is this mysterious renegade agent?

Tuulia Hernandez is attempting to snipe that one individual. Only the tiniest details are revealed once in the narration; otherwise, you’re watching from afar…and shooting them in the head.

To be fair, they’re all the biggest knuckleheads on the planet. After a loud gunshot, this dude just fell on top of another, and you want to go back to partying because, hey, see no evil?

You’re a bunch of ethically bankrupt cretins. Except for you, the toilet-sitting person, who had nothing to do with any of it. I merely killed you for the sake of gaining points.

Do I have to pay for this game?

Hitman Sniper v1.7.193827 Android Game Full Tutorial

The game has in-game money that you can obtain by completing quests. Multiple sniper rifles are also available in the game, which you can unlock as the game proceeds.

Despite the fact that it is a paid game, much of the content is concealed behind a paywall. You can keep playing and unlocking things as you go, but if you want anything right immediately, you’ll have to pay real money.

There’s also a button that allows you to hold your breath for a few seconds, which helps to stabilize the cannon, although it costs a few points and isn’t always essential, especially for motionless targets. Reloading the firearms is likewise done with smooth motions.

The game’s controls are far too simple. You use the scope to quickly zoom in on a certain point by tapping once.

You may pinch to zoom in closer once you’re in the scope view. All you have to do to shoot is tap within the sight. To zoom out again, tap outside.

You’ll run out of bullets no matter what gun you’re using at some point throughout each mission, and reloading becomes a mini-game in Hitman Sniper, with QTEs (quick time events) that need you to swipe in precise ways to reload your rifle quickly without jamming it.

If you’re trying to take out a moving target, this is a must, but it’s a pain if you miss them while fumbling with some fresh rounds.

There’s also a social component if you want to compete against your friends via Facebook integration, which keeps track of your combined scores to determine who is the deadliest hitman, but otherwise, it’s just a question of playing the game for yourself.

As you complete new missions, you will earn money and be able to enhance your rifle collection. Hitman Sniper was supposed to be a free-to-play game, but I’m delighted it’s now a paid game.

You have enough money that you never have to worry about falling behind on renovations. I went behind on the roulette to gain more weapon parts because I had better guns from ranking up than what I earned in the roulette, but I was consistently acquiring new components over time.

It’s just that I’m that good. I wish the score boost was a general benefit rather than one attached to a certain weapon because each rifle has its own unique abilities and features.

Why can’t I use the rifle with explosive bullets to obtain the maximum points possible? It just feels constrictive.

And the game’s leaderboards make it seem like it’s all about who’s played the most, rather than who’s the greatest because someone with a better rifle can receive a greater score than someone with an older one with a smaller bonus.

In-app purchases, which feel like a throwback to the game’s free-to-play days, can be used to acquire firearms while you play.


It’s an amazingly well-made game that’s sharp, intelligent, and even darkly humorous. But that one level…it shouldn’t upset me as much as it does, because it’s fantastic, but I can’t help but wonder, what if there was more to do? What if I could recapture the delights of figuring out how a level worked in a completely another context? I’d like to think there’s more you can accomplish with Hitman Sniper’s setup. It does a great job, but I don’t think it goes far enough.

5/5 - (1 vote)

5/5 - (1 vote)

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