Russian Car Drift APK v1.9.10  MOD (Unlimited Money)
Russian Car Drift APK v1.9.10  MOD (Unlimited Money)

Russian Car Drift APK v1.9.10 MOD (Unlimited Money)

Spirit of Russian drift racing

Android Android Racing
4.3 ( 74 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Russian Car Drift
Publisher Carlovers Games
Genre Racing
Size 132.59 MBmb
Version 1.9.10
Update Latest
MOD Unlimited Money
Russian Car Drift is the most famous version in the Russian Car Drift series of publisher Carlovers Games
Mod Version 1.9.10
Total installs 7,987,431

Whats New

This is a minor update that mainly affects the internals of the game, which are needed for the convenience of future updates.
However, I added a couple of cool things:
- Now the game is translated into Ukrainian and Kazakh languages! This was done thanks to our friendly community. Thanks everyone!
- Added some tuning for AURO XIV: mirrors, hood, bumper with foglights
- Added long-awaited rim "Rails"

What exactly is Drift? Why do gamers enjoy automobile drift games like Russian Car Drift?

Russian Car Drift APK: Drifting is a driving method in which the driver deliberately steers the automobile too far in one direction while still being able to move the car in the intended direction at a high speed, despite creating rear-wheel slide.

When the slip angle at the back of the car is greater than the front, and the front wheel rotates in the opposite direction of the corner, the automobile is said to be drifting. The car, for example, turns left while the front wheel is in the right position.

Drift is, in general, an art that even a seasoned driver can’t always master. It is not uncommon for a few Car Drift-specific games to develop due to the appeal and great challenge of the art of drifting. Russian Car Drift, which I’d like to introduce to you now, is a game that is currently receiving positive reviews in this genre.

What to do and how to play in Russian Car Drift APK

Everything happens in Russian Car Drift in the real meaning of creative racing. You won’t have to compete with other drivers or conquer barriers as in other driving games. Now it’s up to you to drift your car in the most skillful and proper manner possible.

You will be offered 15,000 USD in the game and will be able to choose the car of your choice. Initially, there will only be Auro models from various generations with a variety of colour tones.

Each car model is displayed in 360 degrees, and you can rotate it to see what you want. You may rest guaranteed that they’re all fantastic automobiles.

Single Run and Multiplayer are the two game modes in the game. Garages, Docks, Winter Garages, Japan, Classic Drift, and Long Drift are some of the playgrounds. Feel free to experiment with each terrain type. Each one has its own level of difficulty.

Outsiders who aren’t fans of drift will always think they’re the same, but anyone who has drifted or is passionate about the art will notice the level upgrades in the playing scenes.

Because it represents a car control technique that is usually so difficult in real life, Russian Car Drift, like several other Drift-specialized games, includes additional intricate gameplay system.

However, once you’ve figured out the process and gotten used to it, you’ll notice that the car you’re driving turns surprisingly docile.

The automobile starts up, and you can navigate it using two simulator buttons on the left side of the screen below the screen, then control it with buttons on the right.

You must smoothly mix the simulator buttons Throttle, Brake, and Handbrake in order to accomplish the Drift method. Once you’ve done a true Drift once or twice, you’ll realise how incredible it is.

Drifters are infamous for making life difficult for themselves. In Russian Car Drift, the physics and logic mechanism of the car’s movement will make you understand that what you’re doing is really exciting.

They necessitate extreme focus. Before joining the official race, you may need to enter Training mode to practise several times.

The map, velocity, and score are displayed above the phone’s screen. You have complete freedom to drift the car on the road, including the most beautiful and hardest drift phases.

The system records and scores all of your deliberate moves in the Score section in the upper left corner of the screen.

To make your automobile more powerful, attractive, and easier to drift. With the points you’ve earned, you’ll be able to modify everything from functionality to vehicle aesthetics.

This point can be exchanged for cash and used to buy, trade, and upgrade cars. Spare parts, exhaust pipes, fenders, and wheels will be among the modifications.

Your automobile will not only look nicer, but it will also be able to drift more easily and accurately than before.

You can also improve other essential stats (such as the vehicle’s suspension system tuning, performance upgrades, weight upgrades, etc.) to improve the car’s Drift phases.

At first, these figures may not have been taken seriously. However, every now and then, you’ll see that a few minor adjustments might make a big difference, allowing your Drift talents to drastically improve. If you haven’t already, invest in improving these data; you’ll be pleasantly delighted with the outcomes.

Russian Car Drift is obviously not a game for everyone, given the number of specific and technical requirements. Even if you enjoy driving, you may not be able to overcome this obstacle.

But after you’ve learnt enough about it, fallen in love with it, and want to immerse yourself in these artistic challenges, Russian Car Drift is without a doubt the one to try!

Sound and Graphics

Vehicle visuals in Russian Car Drift are well-presented, particularly the 360-degree-designed cars at the start of the game, giving the game a very traditional feel.

The automobiles in Russian Car Drift are unique, even if they aren’t popular sports cars or elegant and beautiful car brands. Looking at them, you can tell they’re meant for more than just racing.

The gameplay scenes aren’t really thrilling. It’s still well-kept, but because the game’s primary goal is to showcase the player’s drifting ability, there isn’t much commitment in the surrounding countryside.

The music effects and physics simulations, on the other hand, are over the top. The rattle of wheels and smoke behind the car, which is a common part of classic Drift sequences, is well-designed and gives you the chills. It’s also a component that encourages Drift vehicle aficionados’ ingenuity and “playability.”

MOD APK version of Russian Car Drift

  • MOD feature
  • Unlimited Money

Download Russian Car Drift MOD APK for Android

Russian Car Drift is a difficult game to master. Anyone with a passion for it, on the other hand, will become addicted to it after just a few minutes of playing.

It’s not only a game, but it’s also the pinnacle of car handling. If you share this love, you may get the game here and start playing right away.

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