Jetpack Joyride v1.55.2 Full Game Tutorial

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Jetpack Joyride v1.55.2 Full Game Tutorial

Jetpack Joyride is a fast-paced and fun endless runner. Play as Barry Steakfries, an inventor whose jetpack has been stolen by his arch-nemesis, Professor M (or the Evil Scientist… ), and escape this evil laboratory using his new jetpack!

You can buy all sorts of gadgets such as Jetpacks, vehicles, and gadgets with the coins you collect along the way. This guide will tell you where to find all the gadgets in Jetpack Joyride for Android & iOS devices!

Jetpack Joyride is a really fun and addicting game to play. It’s also very easy because there aren’t many controls to learn about! The reason why I think this is a great Android app is that it makes you feel like you’re actually in the game yourself, which is an awesome feeling.

Jetpack Joyride is a real-time competitive puzzle game adapted from the mobile game of the same name! Players need to fly their way through a lab using the polyomino tiles over a series of three rounds, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins along the way.

The first round starts with you controlling Barry Steakfries as he makes his way out of an abandoned science facility.

The polyominoes are placed strategically on top of blocks containing conveyor belts, gears, spikes, lasers, fans, and explosive crates.

You will need to avoid touching these obstacles or face life (and flight) depleting forces; it’s all about speed here! Coins found in every level can be used to purchase new jetpacks for future levels.

Coins are not the only bonus you can collect whilst traverse these 3D levels…

The second level is a badass fight against the evil Lord Cuddles who’s determined to stop Barry from escaping. Coin magnets are scattered around but they attract enemies as well.

Others have claimed that there are hidden jetpacks in this round, too… Coin-shaped enemies cost one coin to kill but others aren’t so easy! Make sure you keep an eye on that counter or else you’ll end up running out of coins and lose the game!

Once Lord Cuddles has been defeated, coins will continue to drop (if any remain). These coins can be collected for extra points along with any remaining coins which were attached to him during your fight.

You will also meet Professor Prepostera, the creator of the jetpack joyride online free . He is seen in a tutorial video that’s similar to those found on many games consoles which teach you how to use their controllers and buttons.

The choice of using a jetpack joyride – play online as opposed to any other method of flight is explained along with information about upgrades, coins, and obstacles, etc…

The third and final level takes us back to the lab but this time we control Barry’s closest ally: Agent 9! Steering him through industrial pipes which house bombs, lasers, and fans (among others), you must collect coins whilst avoiding all obstacles (or die trying!).

At one end lies Lord Cuddles; defeat him here! Collecting enough coins will grant you access to the jetpack upgrades!

If you can successfully accomplish all three rounds, different icons will appear on the main menu. Collect them all for extra points and coins, but watch out for enemy icons that don’t give any rewards!

The exciting missions continue with ‘Cosmic Commuter’, ‘Sneaky Thief’ and more! If Cosmoland, Barry’s homeworld is unlocked, even more, amazing gameplay awaits.

The games themselves are free to download but in-app purchases are available if you want more content.

Jetpack Joyride for Android

Jetpack Joyride v1.55.2 Full Game Tutorial

IAPs range from 99p to £7.99 per item (for 5000 coins). Various challenges are also available such as defeating a certain number of enemies and collecting a set amount of coins. These challenges allow players to win extra coins without having to pay for them.

Since the game has only just been released, there haven’t been many reviews, if any at all! This is one of those games that you’ll need to try out yourself before making a decision…

The original Jetpack Joyride unblocked was released on Android devices in August 2010 and iOS devices in November 2011. It quickly gained popularity with over 25 million downloads available on Android alone (at the time of writing). The game is set to be translated into different languages including Dutch, French, German and Spanish – according to Google Play.

After you have completed every three runs on a map, a Gadget will be available for purchase from Shop with coins you earned from those runs.

Jetpack Joyride Purchase

Each Gadget is purchasable once it has appeared in the store and can only be purchased after it has been unlocked on that map. The following table lists each gadget that appears on Jetpack Joyride poki and its cost:

Gadget Cost Coins required to Unlock Coin Doubler $1,000 10 Gold Coin Magnet $5,000 10 Gold Coin Detector $2,500 20 Gold Coin Detector 2% $20,000 20 Gold Coin Detector 25% $50,000 30 Gold Coin Detector 50% $100,000 30

You can purchase all gadgets from their respective tabs: Jetpack Joyride crazy games store has a tab for each gadget.

When you click on one of those tabs, the gadget will be displayed as an icon to its left and any upgrades associated with it to its right (which are also available for purchase).

Gadgets serve as the primary currency in Jetpack Joyride. You can earn them by collecting coins (whether you earn them as a scientist or player), by purchasing them with real money and buying them from Shop using Coins earned during gameplay.

As mentioned above, once unlocked on a map, Gadget(s) is available for purchase from Shop with coins you earned from those runs.

The Coin Doubler doubles the number of coins that Barry collects for several seconds after use. Since it can be destroyed or destroyed by obstacles, there’s no reason to buy this item early on but it’s one of the best purchases in the late game.

Once you have a lot of coins it’s time to grab this gadget and start raking them in!

The Coin Magnet [Gold Magnet] attracts all coins within a small radius of Barry for several seconds after use, which makes it useful if you’re too far away from coins and need some fast money.

Since there are other ways to get repeatable amounts of coins, we recommend only purchasing the Gold Magnet when absolutely necessary (such as when you don’t have enough coins for another gadget).

Longtime players of the iOS version of Jetpack Joyride will find themselves at home with this Android release.

All three stages are here: you’ll start off on the Main Course, then be whisked away to some unlockable levels in Zanyzoo, and finally square off against Dr. Evil’s Secret Lair. Each stage comes packed with its own set of challenges that are sure to satisfy any gamer who just can’t get enough action-style games that involve dodging obstacles while collecting coins!

The game controls well overall, but what I really appreciate is how responsive they are! This means you don’t have to worry about being super accurate every time you tap since it doesn’t require pixel-perfect accuracy or anything like what we gamers call “button masher”.

Given that this is the first time I have played what is essentially a touch screen version of what was originally an iOS game, I am pretty happy with what it has to offer.

Although Jetpack Joyride comes with three stages, you’ll also be able to unlock the remaining three-stage by transferring your progress from your iOS device over Google’s cloud!

This is super easy and only requires that you know what cloud services are (which most people do).

It can be done directly on either platform, but what really makes this easy for Android users is the fact that you don’t even need to worry about downloading specific software; Google’s cloud service will take care of everything for you once you sign in! If anything, this feature would become a bother if you had to download and install whatever software that’s necessary for this process on an iOS device.

The art style is what you would expect from the original Jetpack Joyride; cartoony, bright, and vibrant colors with minimalist design everywhere else.

It works well as far as matching the original game but what I think makes it stand out, even more, is how smooth it looks! The effects such as pink dashes or red lasers were all made just right so they can pop out of your screen without being overbearing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the animations were made extra smooth just for this Android release since everything just fits together perfectly by making what was already a great-looking game even better looking than ever before!

Like what the original Jetpack Joyride is known for, you are given three lives to get through each stage. For every coin that you collect, your life meter gets extended by 1%.

It’s a very simple system that can be considered fair to everyone who plays this game. If you’re playing on hard mode though, then your life meter will only extend by 25% per coin collected.

The coins serve more purpose than just helping prolong how long you live, however; they also allow for upgrades and boosts! Boosts require a certain number of coins before they become available for purchase but with coins being plentiful in the beginning stages, it won’t take too long before you have what it takes to make those power-ups yours.

The one thing I really like is how the boosts and upgrades don’t just feel there to make your life easier; they can actually help in making what is already a pretty difficult game that much more challenging!

Collecting coins may extend your life meter, but what’s most important about it is what you can use them for buying upgrades and power-ups!

This makes what was originally an easy game harder than ever before with what feels like an endless supply of ways to challenge yourself.

If anything, Jetpack Joyride becomes what feels like a whole new experience without feeling too different from what you’re used to.

Overall, Jetpack Joyride on Android has everything that we would expect from it with all three stages intact and then some with the added incentive of what it can offer on top of what has already been available on iOS.

Every part of the game was made with what is convenient for Android in mind while also maintaining what made it great, to begin with!


If you’re looking for a fast-paced puzzle game that’s easy to get into but difficult to master, then this is what you should consider getting! The whole game along with what it offers still feels new despite being so similar to all the other games based on this one. With how intuitive using your touchscreen is compared to playing on an iOS device, there’s no reason not to download and play Jetpack Joyride today!


Can you still download Jetpack Joyride?

Download Jetpack Joyride on the Google Play Store to join over 750 million other users! Start a new game and escape the lab for FREE right now! In-app purchases are available in this game. This feature can be turned off in your device’s settings menu.

Does Jetpack Joyride end?

Yes, there is a conclusion. After 30000 metres, you are zapped by a wall, and the game is over.

Is Jetpack Joyride an Indian game?

Jetpack Joyride has been replaced in the Google Play Store with Jetpack Joyride: India Exclusive. Bengaluru-based company Mech Mocha has released an Indian version of the popular worldwide gaming game Jetpack Joyride. Halfbrick Studios, an Australian studio, created the original Jetpack Joyride.

Is Jetpack Joyride 2 coming out?

Halfbrick Studios announced Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush on February 27, 2021, as a sequel to the game. The game’s official trailer was also released by the studio. In three countries, Jetpack Joyride 2 is now in the soft-launch phase: Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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5/5 - (1 vote)

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