YouTube Music MOD APK 5.12.51 (Lite, Optimized)
YouTube Music MOD APK 5.12.51 (Lite, Optimized)

YouTube Music MOD APK 5.12.51 (Lite, Optimized)

The world of music dedicated to you

Android Android Music And Audio
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Name YouTube Music
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Version 5.11.55
Update Jun 21, 2022
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YouTube Music is the most famous version in the YouTube Music series of publisher Google LLC
Mod Version 5.11.55
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Whats New

Your favourite genres of music will be used to create custom playlists and mixes particularly for you. For your Workout, Relax, and Focus sessions, you can create your own activity mixes. Make playlists with song recommendations or work with other music lovers to make the ideal playlist. To view all of your favourite and newly added music, playlists, artists, and albums, visit your personalised library.

The YouTube Music MOD app for Android is a practical tool that gives users access to millions of songs, clever search features, and a number of other unique features.

This project is completely concerned with music in all of its forms and manifestations. When you visit this website, you will have access to the most well-liked video clips, complete song collections on a variety of subjects, the most well-liked albums, and much more.

Users have noted that the service is incredibly easy to use, and the ability to customise the interface only serves to further personalise the overall project.

We want to draw your attention to some of the competitors of YouTube Music, namely Apple Music and Spotify.

The user interface of the YouTube Music app for Android is uncomplicated and devoid of extraneous features.
You can sign in to YouTube Music using your Google account if you already have one.

The overall functionality of the project will be made available to you once you have completed filling out all necessary forms.

True aficionados will quickly notice the application’s dark colour scheme, which gives it a far more modern aspect than the typical white colour would have.

The user interface is very similar to the one on the first YouTube app. The fun of getting used to a newly designed interface or navigational strategy is eliminated by the developers’ choice.

Additionally, the main navigational buttons are usually always positioned towards the very bottom of the screen. From this section, you may access “Home,” “Trends,” and “Library.”

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In addition to the songs’ actual titles, the search feature on YouTube Music can recognise specific lines of lyrics. By reading the descriptions of what is happening in the movies, you can even find some compositions.

However, this functionality only seldom works. Additionally, the application uses your geolocation information extensively.

The service will be able to give you access to numerous different collections regardless of the type of institution you are at. You might decide to listen to upbeat, thrilling music that is appropriate for the activity, for example, if you are exercising at a fitness centre.

The YouTube Music app for Android has a simple user experience without any extraneous features.

The most recent upgrades have also changed how collections are shown so that it now takes into account the time of day.

The service will start the morning off with the uplifting songs and natural noises that are most appropriate for you. You might choose to listen to jazz, light classical music, or the relaxing sounds of the sea in the evening. The function is quite intriguing, and it is constantly getting better.


After some time has gone since your last use of YouTube Music, the service will start recommending music to you.

The number of likes you give to various video clips and the songs you’ve added to your playlists affects the content that it selects to display. You can check out albums made by artists well-known for their contributions to the genre you’re like right now.

You can watch footage of concerts and other live performances by your favourite musicians in addition to the tunes that the system offers.

Direct transfers of your favourite songs to playlists are available. Additionally, it can be customised and altered by you.

Both the well-known Spotify and the video social network allow users to listen to their engaging YouTube music. However, YouTube isn’t designed for music listening, particularly when using the mobile app.

As opposed to apps created exclusively for music, this. There are many restrictions that make using the app irritating and prevent users from enjoying music to its fullest.

To make it easier for you to listen to your favourite music on YouTube without too much hassle, Google has created its own version of the YouTube Music streaming app.

Take use of helpful features in a dedicated app for one of the best experiences ever.
You may read more about this excellent software from Google LLC in our in-depth reviews.


Official Google support means that Android users will be able to properly enjoy their favourite songs on YouTube Music. With or without the screen, you can use the app to watch YouTube music videos. Now, you can use YouTube Music to listen to music while still using your phone.

Additionally, the app will include a sizable library of music from YouTube, making it simple to locate and play your favourite songs whenever you want.

Browse the extensive collection of official albums, fresh releases, well-known YouTube songs, live performances, remixes, and covers at your leisure.

You can listen to the music of your choice while working with this fantastic smartphone app and its entertaining features. Always play the best-quality versions of the music you enjoy the most.


If you’re interested, you can quickly download and install the free YouTube Music app from the Google Play Store.

Take use of the fact that YouTube is always free to use and use the additional features to make it simpler to find music. However, as the app offers in-app purchases and adverts, you’ll need to make a real-world purchase to unlock all of its features.

Additionally, you must provide the app specific rights in order for it to function correctly on your mobile devices. This will enable you to make the most of the YouTube Music mobile app.


Here are a few of the app’s great features:
There are numerous song collections available to you.
If you’re interested, you may listen to every song on YouTube Music, which has a vast music collection.

You can browse a sizable library of music that is exclusive to this location. You may listen to official music by well-known artists on YouTube Music as well as intriguing tunes and covers by YouTube users you don’t know.

This can be done with additional features and for free.

Android users can also listen to high-quality music on YouTube Music that has been granted legitimate licences by the musician or business.

So don’t worry about dealing with material you don’t want to hear or unofficial music that doesn’t support your favourite musicians. Additionally, every song is chosen to be of the highest quality to ensure that viewers would appreciate it.

So you can always listen to music that will impress audiophiles and sound rich and clear.


In order to help customers navigate through the sizable music collection on YouTube Music, Google also provides them with simple browsing options. To find the music you desire, start by using the various sorting options.

Find out what you like by listening to albums, singles, live performances, covers, remixes, and a variety of other musical genres. Additionally, you may utilize the search bar to seek up things like song titles, artists, and businesses.

Additionally, you may check the lyrics to your favorite songs as you listen if you want to sing along. Enjoy some good music and express yourself via it.


Additionally, YouTube Music’s playlist features may be used to save your favourite songs in particular playlists, which will make it simple for Android users to enhance their music listening experience.

By liking or disliking particular songs, you can gain access to related playlists. Alternatively, you can create your own playlists using various options.


On YouTube Music, Android users may also find intriguing song recommendations and captivating tunes.

The app will learn how you prefer to listen to music with the use of intelligent AI learning features, and it will then provide excellent recommendations based on your tastes, location, time of day, and other musical preferences. in order for you to enjoy the best music at the appropriate time.

At the same time, Android users will always be able to know which songs are the most popular right now thanks to the Hot List. Added to Discover Mix, a service that creates custom playlists of music you might enjoy.

Users can therefore always listen to their music whenever they want. You may always listen to fresh music that have been carefully chosen because the lists are updated every Wednesday.


The music app for Android also enables users to freely converse with others who share their musical tastes thanks to YouTube’s social network. Prefer a wonderful musical experience and feel free to discuss the genres of music you enjoy.

Most importantly, you may always share your love of music and talk about it with others. This will make listening to some songs much more fascinating.


Users of YouTube Music on Android may want to consider upgrading to Music Premium to receive more from the app. They will have access to a lot of innovative features as a result.

Start by avoiding advertisements so you may enjoy the music while being protected from harm. Additionally, users can now effortlessly download their favorite songs from YouTube Music and listen to them whenever and wherever they want thanks to the availability of offline mixtapes.

The most significant difference between YouTube Music and the regular YouTube app is that after you switch off the device’s screen, YouTube Music will continue to play the music. By doing this, YouTube music playback will be as steady as possible.


Thanks to its extensive music library and simple streaming, YouTube Music enables Android users to listen to their favourite music anytime they want. You may access fascinating songs, covers, and remixes for free as well as view videos and live performances.

Discover thoroughly thought-out and unique experiences that are certain to impress many of you. Most importantly, you’ll have more justification to start using our website’s free, unlocked YouTube Music app.

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