Shadow Fight 3 v1.26.2 Android game Full Tutorial

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Shadow Fight 3 v1.26.2 Android game Full Tutorial

Shadow Fight 3 is an action-RPG fighting game developed by Nekki. It is the sequel to Shadow Fight 2. After an extensive beta-testing, the game was released in Canada on July 17, 2017, in India on October 27, 2017, and later worldwide on November 16, 2017.

Unlike its predecessors, Shadow Fight 3 does not utilize flat 2D black shadows to represent fighters. Instead, they are now rendered as lifelike three-dimensional characters in a richly animated 3D environment.

The shadows, however, still exist and can be accessed via a new mode known as Shadow Form.

The story of the game is set several years after the events of Fight 2. You play as a warrior who was brought back to life by the demon called Titan. Your goal is to find and stop him before he destroys the world.

What are the best things about Shadow Fight 3?

Shadow Fight 3 v1.26.2 Android game Full Tutorial

Shadow Fight 3 offers a variety of modes, including Story Mode, which lets you play through the game’s story; Duel Mode, which pits you against another player or an AI opponent; and Tournament Mode, which lets you compete in a series of duels for prizes.

There are also several side-quests that can be completed for rewards.

The controls in Shadow Fight 3 are fairly simple. You use your left hand to control your movement, and your right hand to control your attacks.

As you progress through the game, you unlock new moves and techniques that can be used in battle. The best thing is that Shadow Fight 3 is free to play, and it does not feature any ads.

However, the game also has an in-game currency called gems which can be used to buy items and various boosts. Gems can be bought with real money or earned as a reward for completing certain objectives.

Granted that there were some initial problems with bugs and server stability when the game was first released, those issues have since been resolved by its developer.

The net code has improved dramatically since launch, and I found no lag whatsoever during my gameplay sessions (which usually lasted more than one hour).

There is also a relatively large community playing this game on Android at the moment, which is a good sign that its servers won’t go down anytime soon.

The only thing left for me to do is wish Nekki and the rest of their team a job well done! Kudos for the wonderful game. I will certainly be playing it for a long time ahead.

The graphics are very appealing to the eye. While I’m more of a 3D kind of guy, there is no denying that this game has some solid 2D art in it.

And while most of us are used to mobile games with simplistic controls, don’t let Shadow Fight 3 fool you, it may look very casual, but under its hood lies a complex fighting game with dozens of moves and combos at your disposal.

The characters in Shadow Fight 3 are much better when compared to the ones from Shadow Fight 2. They do not have much backstory because they were brought back from the dead to serve as Titans’ puppets (I would call them henchmen or minions), but they still make for interesting opponents due to their unique fighting styles and techniques.

One of the main issues I had with Shadow Fight 2 was its lack of content. It felt like the game ended too quickly and there was nothing much left to do after you completed it.

Thankfully, that is not the case with Shadow Fight 3. The developers seem to have learned their lesson, and they’ve added a lot more stuff to do in the game — from side-quests to a new tournament mode.

Are you an Android gamer who’s looking for a good fighting game? Look no further than Shadow Fight 3! This title offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

What are the worst thing about Shadow Fight 3?

The worst thing about Shadow Fight 3 is that it requires a lot of grinding. In fact, if you want to progress through the game as quickly as possible, expect to put in at least 30 minutes per day.

There are some shortcuts though those can be purchased with gems (the game’s premium currency), which I’m guessing players will need plenty of if they wish to reach higher levels fast.

The story mode in this game feels like an afterthought, and there is very little incentive for playing it other than leveling up your characters or trying out new moves.

The duels against other players are much more fun due to the presence of different battle arenas and online leaderboards.

Should you download this game?

Absolutely! And do give it a go on the PC as well. While it’s not an outstanding fighting game, these 3D graphics are something you don’t want to miss! If nothing else, Shadow Fight 3 is a great new way to pass your free time!

And sometimes I am a little ashamed of my profession when someone has created a wonderful game like this and I have nothing new or interesting to say about it.

It happened with Fukpig, and now it has happened with Nekki’s latest release in their popular Shadow Fight series.

It starts off very easy, but as you progress in the story mode, you will find yourself becoming a master in no time! Your attacks become deadly and your enemies helpless in front of you! The only thing left for them is to surrender or wait for their annihilation by your hands!

Why should you play Shadow Fight 3?

Shadow Fight 3 v1.26.2 Android game Full Tutorial

Quite simply because it’s a great game! The graphics are amazing, the controls are easy to learn and use, and the gameplay is addictive.

I found myself glued to my phone screen for hours on end, eagerly anticipating the next fight — no matter how small or insignificant it may have seemed.

The tournament mode is also a lot of fun, and it provides a good challenge for those who are looking for more of a challenge.

There is also a wide variety of weapons and armor to collect in the game, which adds an extra layer of excitement.

So what’s not to love about Shadow Fight 3?

Well, one thing that could be improved is the story mode. It feels like it was a rushed job, and it could have been a lot better.

Also, there is very little incentive to play through the story mode on top of leveling up your characters.

At some point, the game becomes repetitive it’s either you’re fighting or you’re searching for items/healing yourself (when I reached that phase).

There are also no new game elements in this version compared to that of Shadow Fight 2. Basically, if you’ve played one of these games before, then this will feel like déjà vu all over again!

Though there isn’t much left to say about Nekki’s latest release, I am still giving it 5 out of 5 stars — it deserves every bit! This game is awesome and definitely worth your time and money!


Shadow Fight 3 is a wonderful addition to one of my favorite series ever made on mobile devices. Nikki has done an amazing job with this latest release, and anyone who enjoys fighting games should definitely try it out. The controls are responsive and the graphics are some of the best I have seen on Android devices. 5/5 stars without a doubt!

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